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Pure A2 Bilona Gir Cow Ghee & Organic Honey for Health-Conscious Families

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Organic and traditional Nature's bounty

Organic Honey

Indulge in guilt-free sweetness: Discover Swarna Organics organic honey!

A2 Ghee

Nourish your body with the gold standards with the taste of purity: Swarna Organics Gir Cow Ghee.

Wild Forest Honey

Unleash the wild taste of Kerala: Swarna Organics Wild Forest Honey.

Swarna Organics

Where Purity Meets Tradition.

Experience the difference of pure, organic A2 milk from happy Gir cows. Nestled in Alibag, we revive ancient practices for the healthiest dairy, free from chemicals and brimming with natural goodness.


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Gir cow Goshala in Alibag, Raigad dist.

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